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A big Thank You to Brooke Novello and Tranquility Therapies for the wonderful treatment. I had the best sleep in a long time. The swelling in my ankle and my elbow has subsided and is pretty pain free (without the use of pain killers). I feel so rested and grounded today. Your treatments are amazing!!! Thank you again!!!       - Lori Z. - Calgary, Alberta 



A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to receive a regression therapy treatment by Brooke. I was at little hesitant at first because, thought I had heard the term, I was unfamiliar with the treatment process. With some research I decided that I would give it a try. Though I embrace alternative healing methods, I still approach new experiences critically but with an open mind. I was unsure if I would be able to gain much from the session purposed because I have a great deal of trouble relaxing enough to mediate, nor have I ever been successfully hypnotized. 
Even at the beginning of the treatment I had doubtful thoughts; I literally thought " I can't shut my mind off to make this work.." But all of a sudden with Brooke's help, I was able to. My mind shut off and I allowed myself to fully embrace only the suggestions of the guided meditation. I have never experienced the ability to go into a deep meditative state- unreal to say the least. 
I will not go into all the details of the experience because 
I was guided on a very emotional and personal journey (which is the idea wink emoticon ) But I will note that I had expected to be taken back to a moment in this life time, however, I was guided to a moment in my souls journey that occurred long ago.
There was an event that required healing from then that was blocking me now. It was such an intriguing experience! 
There were some intense moments that my emotions overwhelmed me and I felt like I was being pulled into the memory, however, Brooke did an amazing job pulling me back to a tranquil state. 
Some of the places I was guided to impacted me irrevocably heart emoticon
Immediately after the session , I felt lighter, like a weight I didn't know I was carrying was lifted off my shoulders. This was even noticeable to those around me. 
What I was given from the experience that was most important and impacted me the most was conformation.
Conformation of the philosophies, theories and feelings I have about my spirituality. Though, faith is often enough, to have an experience with the other side is a fantastical reminder of ones path. 
I don't think that one can prepare for the knowledge or effects that come with the treatment; I took a few weeks to carefully note any changes in myself. I would say that I walked away with even more sensitivity to the world and people around me. If you are an empath like myself, I would suggest that you have some sort of plan to protect yourself afterwords from the heightened sensitivity. This was somewhat balanced by a new confidence in my path that came with the session. 
Another thing to note is the ability for these sessions to happen in your own space. We had our session via Skype; which allowed me to be comfortable in my own sacred space. I was able to have my own crystals, aroma therapy, candles etc. I think that this was imperative for me to reach the state of relaxation that was required. 
Overall this session was beyond impressive. Brooke does an amazing job guiding you through a very personal experience. She has an aura of comfort that I think is essential to regression therapy. 
I am highly anticipating another session. Though I experienced healing, I know there is more work to be done. I just feel that Brooke's regression Therapy sessions take you to a place of emotional scars that are unreachable otherwise. 
I would like to express my gratitude to Brooke for allowing me to participate in the experience and aiding in my healing process- thank you! <3    Tamara Quilloy - Yorkton Saskatchewan



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