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I started with the Healing Touch many years ago and have found it very soothing and healing. I have decided to add Vita Flex to my practice as it is complementary to the Healing Touch. Forensic Healing enables me to dig deep and find the cause of your health related problems and enables me to help put you in a calm and tranquil place where all your fears, illness and exhaustion disappear. All are extremely healing to mind, body, spirit, and soul and can be done remotely with the same healing experience just like you were here.

Hi there and welcome to Tranquility Therapies. Both Healing Touch and Vita Flex Reflexology are balancing, healing, calming practices. Fprensic Healing allows me to go deep and really release what is causing your problems. When any part of your system is out of balance you feel stressed, anxious, exhausted and out of sorts.  Healing Touch works on and heals your chakras and your energy field while Vita Flex is more of a hands on concrete practice. They are all extremely soothing and healing. While Vita Flex starts at your feet it is a whole body treatment. Both these treatments are as soothing and far less painful than a massage. If you want pampered and healed these are definitely treatments that you will benefit from.

I have wanted to do a business for a very long time but was unsure how to sell the Healing Touch without seeming too "öut there". With Vita Flex it is far more real to many. You can see what is being done and feel the results immediately. With Healing Touch you can't always see what is being done as it is more in your energy field but you definitely feel the results.  Vita Flex works on your power points in various parts of your body which affect different parts of your body and your system. It gently heals and soothes as the work is getting done. I can go as light or as heavy as you'd like and the results are the same. 


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